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Creating projects for everyone. 
Fusion is a social enterprise focused On the audiovisual production of materials that includes people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in its audience. It’s about entertainment and learning content that will allow people with and without ASD to share. 

To carry out our content, we developed an orientation guide for the production of ASD content, assisted by a multidisciplinary team composed by professionals with extensive training and experience in the subject. The Guide lays the foundations and establishes the specific technical requirements to be able to make any content that seeks to entertain the public with and without ASD.

With the Guide as  input, we developed the television format Bichero, a documentary series led by a young man with ASD, which infects us with his fascination for animals while offering us a reflection on the diversity and nature of human beings.

In each episode, the conductor immerses himself in a natural environment with a mission: to find and photograph one of those animals that are not easily seen by people and that, therefore, are the target of his deepest admiration and empathy. Along the way, beautiful places are shown, learning about other species and reflections on the human being and the ways in which it is linked are shared.

The uruguayan Bichero series will be hosted by Antonio Ripoll, a young man with Asperger's Syndrome who discovered in the study of nature a way of relating to the world and finding a place to develop and belong.

Bichero series allows us to turn entertainment into learning to reduce the gap and better connect with people with ASD in our daily lives.



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