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This is why we do what we do.

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At Fusion we look for true inclusion. We do not believe in "inclusion" that offers alternatives for those who "do not fit in" or in proposing different products for those who are outside the norm: we celebrate the diversity of people and individual differences, because they are opportunities for the growth of everybody.

We do not settle for the addition or the coexistence of separate parts, we seek the real Fusion.

Fusion means union of interests, real integration. Impies the conjunction of two worlds until they’re not allowed to separate. It requires understanding that every right must be respected and it is not about changing those who are different, but about comprehending them, and giving them opportunities to develop with their particularities. 

It is not about setting molds, but about offering frameworks within which each one can be as they are. We are all different and the path will be more enjoyable if we travel it by being close and accepting each other, rather than pigeonholing ourselves and forcing us to be identical.

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