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Our first project.

Bichero is a documentary series that proposes a reflection on the diversity and nature of the human being, through Antonio, a young man with Asperger's Syndrome and his deep fascination for animals.

In each episode, the host immerses himself  in a natural environment with the mission of finding and photographing a charismatic animal, curious for its peculiarities, but especially for the charm and personality with which the host describes it. In this way, the series is a journey through the most characteristic ecosystems and the search for those unique species. In all cases, the sensation will be a double adventure: an experience of connection with nature, full of memorable images, exciting experiences and valuable information about fauna; and an inner journey in which the host talks about himself, his disorder and universal values ​​of the human being.

Although the role of the protagonist is central in the construction of the story, the series is based on other views. Specialists in natural sciences provide a more exhaustive understanding of the specimens that star in each episode, their habitats and ecosystems; At the same time, local guides and other figures are added to support the host and add charm to each story.

Throughout the season it is possible to make known the main ecosystems and landscapes of the country; to share about animals different from each other, from some charismatic and popular to others threatened; and a personal growth of the protagonist.

Bichero proposes a reflection on diversity as an aspect that gives value and enriches the existence of everything that inhabits the Earth, from nature to human society. Concepts such as freedom or self-awareness separate humans and animals and put us at an advantage in terms of opportunities to act on one's own evolution. In this sense, the ideas of progress and social growth cannot be separated from collective intelligence, care and understanding of the other, accessibility and social fusion.

With Bichero, the audience- with or without ASD - faces content that challenges the traditional way of consuming entertainment content. With passion as the rudder, the series is an invitation to navigate other waters and explore different ways of perceiving reality and communicating with the environment.

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