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The team behind Fusion


Fusion is directed by Pablo Banchero and Nicolás Kronfeld, with a technical team specialized in ASD and an audiovisual production team.

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Pablo Banchero

Nicolas Kronfeld

Pablo is a film director with more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual industry. Director of We Cook Films, production company that runs projects with social purposes which help to break down barriers, generate empathy and inspiration.


Nicolás is a journalist with more than 10 years of experience. He worked in press, radio, web and television, in the past few years he worked in radio program “No toquen nada”, with special coverage on the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) topic, that is how he learned about the frustrations experienced by both ASD people and their families.

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Fusion Team

The technical team specialized in ASD is integrated by professionals with wide experience and trainning in the subject: The graduate in Psychomotricity and Teacher Sofía Morel, accompanied by the psychopedagogue Lucía Acle, the speech therapist Inés Podestá, the psychologist Esteban Sosa and the psychomotor specialist Alexis Olesker. Before, also the child psychiatrist Cecilia Amigo the psychologist and speech therapist Victoria Bonino have been part of the team.

The audiovisual production crew is integrated by the graduate and master in communication Lucila Bortagaray, who has developed for more than 20 years in audiovisual production and project management; the biologist and audiovisual producer Guillermo Kloetzer, who has vast experience in audiovisual production on fauna and flora, with feature films, single films and short films broadcast on open channels in more than 50 countries; and Agustín Villarreal, a graduate of the Audiovisual Baccalaureate at UTU Arrayanes and winner of the Best High School Documentary Short at the 10th edition of the National Student Film Festival of Uruguay, with his work “Antonio el bichero”.

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