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Our reason

Fusion pursues the general objective of contributing to a more fair society, for people with ASD, for their families, for therapists and for everyone.

For people with ASD


The prevalence of autism worldwide is 1 in 100 and cases are on the rise, both due to changes in the criteria for detection and diagnoses, as well as a real increase in the number of people with ASD.


For their families

Families of people with ASD highlight the difficulty of finding entertaining activities for everyone: members with and without ASD. Practically the only thing that unites them are the training instances, which always represent a demand and stress for the person with ASD. Although there are entertainment proposals for people with ASD and for people without ASD, there is not something for everyone together. In a family with people with ASD, there are no activities that allow them to “share for the sake of sharing”: Fusion seeks to open that space so that they can exercise that right.


For the therapists


Due to the wide nature of the disorders in ASDs, there are many technicians who deal with these cases without adequate preparation. A person with ASD can be a student of a teacher in an ordinary school, so not all educators are specialized in the subject. Fusion also pursues the goal of educating about how to bond with people with ASD.


For the society

The increase in diagnoses implies a growth in the number of people who interact with someone with ASD as part of their daily routine. If this increase is not accompanied by more information and training, the result will be a growth in frustration and marginalization, both for those with ASD and for those who do not, who face an uncertain outlook and when unable to connect, decide to ignore.

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